Blog gets 3 students in trouble

Link: Blog gets 3 students in trouble .

I think stories such as this are becoming commonplace. I personally think the school did the right thing, especially since the posts involved were threatening. And, let’s remember here that junior high students actually were responsible for these threats. While it is a different incident than the one cited at Payton, I think that the Payton student should have been suspended as well, but perhaps there were legal reasons why that was not possible. I would think that the Payton student received ostracization from from his or her peers for publishing racist views, which might be considered punishment in itself. Another thought on this… the student complaining about blogs being monitored is really naive and uninformed about how blogs work. The internet is not really a repository for all things private… if you want a private diary, keep a running log in Word on your own computer! It’s another lesson in how your web presence can affect you and it seems that many teenagers don’t get that your web presence is part of your overall reputation.


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