National Teachers Academy

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I visited this Chicago Public Schools demonstration school yesterday as I volunteered to help my friend and fellow ADE, Karen Percak, with her Family Reading Night event. NTA is located in the South Loop area of Chicago, and it serves a predominantly low income African American population from neighboring housing projects.

Wow! What a school! The facility is amazing and is only about three years old. I did not get a tour of the entire complex, but architecturally, it’s beautiful and inviting. It is evident that a great deal of money is being put into this school, and it’s nice to see that kids who need the most are getting access to quality materials, teachers, and learning environments. Often, one hears people complaining that all the best materials, teachers, and the like go into schools serving middle class and up students at schools like Northside College Prep and Walter Payton Prep. NTA is still very new, so it will be interesting to see how this school develops.

Anyway, congratulations to Karen for organizing a fun and well attended event! I’m sure this will grow in popularity with her school community in the years to come.


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