Friday 5: Classroom Management

Friday 5: Classroom Management

Hi All –

My apologies for the lack of Friday 5 activity. Since January, I have been quite busy and the Friday 5 had to take a backseat to other priorities!

A reader emailed me several weeks ago asking for sites on classroom management, so I developed a quick list of resources. I also found an article this week in ASCD’s Ed Leadership journal that I think is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the effect of relationships on school culture. It really hit home for me and you can read it for yourself at

Take care,

Lucy Gray

1) Education World: Classroom Management

2) Theory into Practice

3) NEA Works4Me Tips Library

4) Responsive Classroom

5) Harry Wong column at

6) The Cooperative Learning Network

Blog of the week: Illinois Technology Conference for Educators Blog

Podcast of the Week: KidCast: Learning and Teaching with Podcasting
Dan Schmit

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Widget of the Week: Google Search – Kid Safe – Dashboard – Search

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