Friday 5: Recent Random Finds

Friday 5: Recent Random Finds

Hi All –

Here’s a quickie Friday 5 list on some generally interesting sites I’ve come across recently. My sources usually include recommendations from colleagues, web blogs and print media. I’m still looking for ideas for future lists, global education links, and names of influential people in the field of educational technology. Submit any suggestions to me at!


Lucy Gray

1) Gcast

I read out about this podcasting service on Steve Denbo’s blog. You can even phone in your podcast and there’s copyright friendly music available, too!
Steve’s blog:

2) DemoChoice Polls

This resource was mentioned in a blog post by Miguel Guhlin called Mousing Around. It looks interesting and useful, but I haven’t tried it out yet.
Miguel’s blog:

3) | Explore Your Earth

I am not sure where I heard about this project for middle schoolers, but it sounds fabulous as activities involve Google Earth. And if you haven’t checked out Google Earth yet, you must be living under a rock ( or an asteroid ! ☺

4) Their Circular Life

This interactive web site was suggested by fellow ADE Joe Morelock as part of our preparations for the ADE 2006 Institute.

5) Worldmapper

View maps according to various vital statistics. Credit for mentioning this goes to the Librarian’s Internet Index :

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The Collaboratory Project



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