Geek Out: 4 Cool Things Worth Checking Out

Before I completely lose my mind, I better note here in my blog a few techie things that I have tried out recently.

1) FeedburnerFeedburner is not a new thing at all, but for the longest time, I didn’t quite get why I would want to run my blog’s RSS feed through this Chicago-based service. I decided to explore Feedburner again after someone mentioned it during a conference call for the ITM. I discovered that I can use something called FeedFlares to add links to bookmark, email and share content at the bottom of each blog post. I haven’t done this with the blog site itself as I’d have to break away from my Typepad template, but if you look at my blog in a newsreader, you’ll see new links at the bottom of each post. I’ve always wondered how people did this! Also, Feedburner keeps stats on blog traffic, not extensively as StatCounter, but it gives me an idea of how many people are viewing my blog.

2) Adium – This application combines instant messaging services for Mac OS X users. Wes Fryer suggested this to me as I was having trouble getting Google Talk/Jabber to work for me in Chat.

3) Inquisitor 3 for Safari – Another Mac only app, this adds cool functionality to your Google search box in Safari. Thanks to Bruce Ahlborn for this and the next item!

4) Podomatic –  Bruce and I taught a podcasting workshop at National Louis University recently, and Bruce found this fabulous resource. Podomatic is a great place to host and publish podcasts. Best of all, a basic membership is FREE.  


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