Friday 5: Images and Video

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Here’s a quick Friday 5 list of sources for video and images. Teachers and students are always in need  of  digital material for projects but, before you publish anything using materials from others, check out this chart from Hall Davidson.  Also, don’t forget about Creative Commons Search for resources that may have less restrictive copyright protection.

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Lucy Gray

1)    KidsClick!: Image Search Tools

2)    The NYPL Picture Collection Online

3)    UNESCO’s Photobank

4) The Gateway to Astronaut Photography

4)    Digital Collections and Programs: Library Functions (Library of Congress)

5) TASI:: Techinical Advisory Service for Images

This section on finding and using digital images ( looks particularly comprehensive and helpful.

5)    YouTube –  K12 Education

6)    HubbleSOURCE: MPEG Video Clips

7)    The Open Video Project

8)    Video Classroom

9)    American Field Guide

10)     NARA on Google Video

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