Friday 5: Bookmarklets


Happy New Year, everyone!

Bookmarklets give your web browser increased functionality and allow you to access certain web sites and their tools on the fly as you surf the ‘net. Bookmarklets are installed in the toolbar of your browser, usually by simply dragging it in place.

For the sake of demonstration, pretend that you use the social bookmarking web site,, to keep track of your personal library of links. You would install a set of bookmarklets in your browser’s toolbar and when you came across a web site you would like to bookmark, you would click on the bookmarklet.  A pop-up window would appear allowing you save the url directly to your account at There are lots of different bookmarklets out there for various online tools. I use bookmarklets from Typepad and Blogger to publish blog entries, one from Furl to bookmark web pages, and another from Bloglines to subscribe to various podcasts, blogs, and websites.

Here are some links to get you started…

Take care,

Lucy Gray

1) Bookmarklets – Wikipedia

Get an overview on bookmarklet basics here.

2) Absolutely Tools Collection

Tools for using can be found here.

3) Bloglines | Easy Subscription Bookmarklet

If you like to keep track of RSS feeds from various web sites, use a bookmarklet to add these feeds to your account at Bloglines.

4) Six Apart – Everything TypePad – Setting Up the QuickPost Bookmarklet

I use TypePad to maintain my blog and here is information on how to set up a quick method of publishing a blog post. Blogger also has a similar feature:

5) Jon Udell: The LibraryLookup Project

Librarians can generate their own bookmarklet for using services that their libraries might already subscribe to :

6) Social Bookmark Tools to View, Search and More

Here’s a comprehensive list of tools and services available with a Web 2.0 influence. This is probably best suited for the advanced bookmarklet user.


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