Apple Learning Interchange 2007 – Become an ADE!

Link: Apple Learning Interchange 2007 – Become an ADE!.

Good news! Apple is accepting applications for its 2007 class of Apple Distinguished Educators. As I’ve said many times before, this program has changed my life… I’ve met so many wonderful people at the top of their professional games, received a great deal of moral support, and have been inspired to improve my teaching and learning.

It seems that Apple sort of remixes the application process every time it accepts applications for a new class (which is not every year… last year it was international ADES only). I was inducted in 2005, and the application process as not open; I was nominated by an Apple employee and it completely caught me by surprise.

Consider applying if you love anything and everything Apple, if you believe in professional generosity and are willing to participate in an active learning community, and if you have expertise in project based learning, 1 to 1 learning enviroments, career/creative tech and/or work in a college of education.


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