WSMA State Honors Music Project

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My dad is a retired high school music teacher, spending the majority of his career at my alma mater, Lake Forest High School. He just forwarded an interesting email to me indicating that a former student has endowed a chair within this project in my dad’s name. Glenn Nielsen wrote:

I am writing to let you know that I endowed a chair in your name in the
Wisconsin Middle Level State Honors Band. I help start the Middle Level
State Honors program a number of years ago and it has become an opportunity
of a lifetime for talented middle school students in Wisconsin. Each endowed
chair provides an annual full-tuition grant to a student selected for
participation in the State Honors Music Project. This endowment will ,of
course, be for a clarinet chair. You can read more about this at the
following; donors.html.

You are the reason that I went into music education and your example has
always been one that I have tried to emulate. This endowment is a lasting
way for me to say thank you for all that you have done for me and countless
music students.

I am so pleased for my dad and impressed that this man had the inclination to do this. When’s the last time YOU thanked a teacher and acknowledged their efforts? It’s not too late to join the Google Earth teacher meme project and jot down a few thoughts about a special teacher or learning experience.


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