Blogging clicks with educators | Chicago Tribune

Blogging clicks with educators | Chicago Tribune

My husband just tossed this article to me and a couple things jump out. First, it would have been helpful if the Trib had posted links to the teacher and admin blogs listed. Even their online version does not contain that info. Secondly, there are no quotes from students on what they think. Thirdly, there is no mention of any local or nationally known edublogers that I am aware of. And finally, there is absolutely NO mention of any schools trying to block blogs. I know this is happening in Illinois because several teachers joined the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators blog (which I established)last year using their home computers because they could not join while at school as their districts banned Blogger, the service behind the ILTCE blog. It seems to me that this piece could have used some more authority, and it is a shame that it gives such a cursory view of blogs in classrooms. There is so much more to this phenomenon. I’m wondering if it was a slow news day.



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2 responses to “Blogging clicks with educators | Chicago Tribune

  1. Lucy,
    You were right on. From the article they reference:
    1 social worker
    1 High School English teacher
    1 pre-service professor
    3 prinicpals of elementary schools
    This is not a representative of the number of great bloggers who are listed. They should have listed you and David Jakes, as a minimum, as bloggers who have had impacts not only on their own local communities, which seemed to be the focus of the article, but also the the larger world of education through your connections through Technology and Learning.
    I am concerned about the principal who is posting snippets of the Bears fight song and performances. Has he gotten performance rights or checked copyright? What kind of message is he sending.
    There was no mention of the impact on students and educational change.
    I guess it was a slow day and they needed to present something to balance the negative press that they have given to digital social networking in the past.

  2. Hey Vinnie –
    I don’t know if you’d remember this, but I visited NSCDS a few years ago when I was doing some informal research for grad school. We met then and I think I will see you at the NICE mini-conference this weekend!
    Anyway, thanks for your comments. I’m not sure if they should have interviewed me, but there are so many interesting other bloggers out there that would have given more substance to the article. And I agree, I wouldn’t be that impressed with some of the content pupported by the interviewees. Again, I think these were classic examples of technology being used for technology’s sake without a lot of thought or depth. I suppose I shouldn’t complain about this, though, because at least people are attempting to integrate technology into their schools and perhaps their current uses will mature as they learn!

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