A Cliché a Day and How to Rewrite It

Link: A Cliché a Day and How to
Rewrite It
I found this at Answers.com under the heading Education Blogs. It’s all about clichés, figures of speech that I should try and eliminate from my own writing. Each blog entry relates to a particular cliché such as "don’t rain on my parade" and "the icing on the cake". In the body of the post the author, Alan Eggleston, defines the phrase and offers four other options. Each post is nicely tagged with keywords so that you can locate related clichés. What a practical, clever way of developing a blog as a teaching tool. If I were to use this in the classroom, I’d have my students offer other rewrites in the comments section. My favorite cliché that I didn’t even realize was an old and tired one is: "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while". Fortunately, I’m not prone to using that in my writing!


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