Friday 5: Creating Comics

Hi All –

I’ve been working
with a science class this week in which kids are creating newspapers on
genetically modified foods. Some kids are drawing political cartoons
and I showed them how to scan their work, import these files into Comic
Life and add fun touches including captions, speech bubbles, and
various graphical enhancements. This project got me thinking about
other useful tools for creating comics and thus, this week’s theme was

Have fun exploring these tools!

Lucy Gray

1) Comic Life

This is one of my favorite pieces of software, and I believe it comes installed on new Macs. iPhoto is integrated into Comic Life, and you can publish directly to a .Mac account as well.

2) ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Comic Creator

This web site generally has great tools and lessons for students and teachers.

3) Make Beliefs Comix

This site seems kid friendly!

4) Comeeko

site lets you create comics with photos. It is a social web site, too,
meaning that you can rate and comment on users’ comics if you choose. I
would recommend using this site for teachers to possibly create
materials, but NOT for student projects, as the content does not seem
to be screened for the k-12 arena.

5) ToonDoo – The Cartoon Strip Creator

Again, this is a social site and you may want to take a look around this site before using it with students.

6) The Comic Book Project at Teachers College, Columbia University

found this link while looking for comic resources, and it looks like an
interesting project for hand-drawn comics. Take a look at the online
gallery of student work.


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