Friday 5: Green Friday

Everywhere you turn, green is in the limelight. Thomas Friedman, of the New York Times and A World is Flat
fame, has authored a new green article for the NYT Sunday Magazine,
Vanity Fair has devoted its entire April issue to environmental topics,
and my local papers, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times,
both have turned out several articles that have caught my attention. Is
this a fad or are people really getting serious about our environment?
Only time will tell, but I am certainly more interested in learning
about what I can personally do to make this world a better place. This
week’s list consists of sites that I’ve found in my online
explorations… a little late for Earth Day, but I suppose every day is
Earth Day now.

Take care,

Lucy Gray


1. The Power of Green | Thomas L. Friedman | New York Times
(may have to register to read this article)

2. Living the Dream | Chicago Sun-Times
The Sun-Times is running a series on the green movement; check out this article and others to discover a variety of resources.

3. Making It a Green Sweep This Spring | Chicago Tribune

4. The Green Guide

5. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Seafood Watch Program – A Consumer’s Guide to Sustainable Seafood.

6. Treehugger

7. North American Association for Environmental Education: Student Programs
    and Choice Picks for Teachers

8. EEK! Environmental Education for Kids

9. National Environmental Education Week

10. The EnviroLink Network

11. Sustainlane

12. Grist: Environmental News and Humor


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