Friday 5: Best of the 2007 Webby Awards

Hi All –

The Webby
Awards were recently announced, and here are a few of my favorite sites
culled from the long list of nominees and winners. Check out the entire
list here if you would like more!


Lucy Gray



This site has a great search tool: One feature includes searching for poetry-related images within the foundation’s Flickr groups.

2) Best Stuff in the World

and #3 on this week’s list fall under the category of social networks,
sites that revolve around user generated content. Best Stuff in the
World has people rate and compare anything and everything.

3) – The Social Music Revolution

Listen to and buy music here at this site.

4) The Gapminder World 2006

think I’ve mentioned this site in a previous Friday 5, but it’s worth
another mention. This site uses graphics to represent data in
interesting ways.

5) Smithsonian Photography Initiative

site has search capabilities which allow one to easily browse photos,
create a personalized collection, and share it with others.


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