NECC 2007 Workshop Resources

Excuse multiple crossposts –

Julene Reed and I are teaching a workshop at NECC on global
collaboration, and I’ve set up a series of resources to demonstrate
during this class. I hope that these resources will live on as people
become interested in sharing resources used to teach global awareness
concepts. Please consider jumping in and joining any of these groups.
Some of them are already seeded with material, but others are just
getting started. Feel free to pass this info on to anyone you know that
also might be interested.

If you are presenting on a simliar topic at NECC, please think about "crosspollinating" material in these spaces as well.

1) Global Education Ning group

2) Global Education Flickr group

3) Global Ed Google Group

4) Global Education Collaborative Wikispace

5) I’m tagging any resources I bookmark with the tag globalawareness in
and in

6) Google Calendar for Global Education
– enter your NECC global awareness events here, for instance.

If you think of other similar resources we should include, please send me suggestions.  Thanks!!!


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