Friday 5: Getting Ready for NECC 2007

Hi All –

Sorry for the dearth of activity on this listserv, but it’s been a busy few weeks. I’m heading across the Midway Plaisance to a new job at the University of Chicago Center for Urban School Improvement, and it’s been a stressful time making the decision to leave my current school. I’ll be the Lead Technology Coach for the Center, working two days a week at one of four charter schools which are operated under the umbrella of the University. The rest of my time will be devoted to designing and implementing a technology professional development plan for all four charters run by USI. I am going to miss Lab very much, but I’ll stay connected as my children will still attend school there. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have taught at Lab. My students and colleagues have been amazing, and I am appreciative of all that I have learned.

Anyway, I’m in the midst of preparing for the National Educational Computing Conference, which starts a week from tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ll be running a workshop for Apple with Julene Reed of St. George’s Schools in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as participating in two panel presentations. I should also be floating around the Apple booth at various times, so stop by and say hello if you are attending the conference.

If you are not able to attend NECC, check out the following resources for following the conference virtually. I’ll be publishing the Friday 5 on a more regular basis once life slows down a bit!

Take care,

Lucy Gray

1) NECC 2007 Flickr Group

Check out this link in the next week or so to see images taken by conference attendees. Flickr groups also allow for discussions, so you might catch some comments as well.

2) HitchHikr: NECC 2007

David Warlick has set up a service for aggregating conference information. Visit this page, and you’ll see everything related to NECC that’s been tagged with the keywords necc, neccprep, and necc2007.

3) NECC Podcasts and Web Casts

Several sessions have been selected to be podcasted or webcasted. I’m not sure how quickly these files will be published, though. I’m guessing Apple will also publish podcasts in the Conference Connections section of the Apple Learning Interchange, too.

4) NECC Bloggers

Many people have signed up to have links to their blogs posted on the NECC web site. These people, myself included, will be posting thoughts and reactions to the conference.

5) Lucy’s Global Stuff
I’ll be conducting a workshop on collaborative tools used to foster global awareness. I’ve created several resources that we will demonstrate. Feel free to jump in and add content, or just follow our progress as we add information.

The Global Education Collaborative Ning Group

The Global Education Collaborative Discussion Group | Google Groups

Flickr: The Global Education Collaborative

The Global Education Collaborative Wiki


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