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Link: 5 (gum) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I keep forgetting to blog about this, but I had an enjoyable flight back to Chicago from Atlanta. The gentleman next to me noticed that I was chewing gum, and offered that he worked for Wrigley. He then treated me a pack of Wrigley’s latest product, 5, in the “cobalt” flavor. It’s named 5 because it’s supposed to appeal to the five senses, and it’s marketed towards the club hopping market (sadly I clearly don’t fit THAT demographic anymore). The 5 graphic is supposed to glow in the dark or something, so I suppose that’s a helpful feature if you’re into that scene.

What was most interesting was the work of this gentleman, an engineer for Wrigley. He travels the world, visiting Wrigley’s plants for one reason or another. Another passenger overheard us talking specifically about Singapore, and mentioned that she used to live there when she worked for DHL. This era of travel and working with other countries is not new to people in the business world, I suspect, but to most teachers, this concept is really extraordinary. We haven’t been called on, for the most part, to collaborate and communicate in our workplace and that’s got to change. Also interestingly, the process and detail involving producing this 5 gum was amazing, considering that the idea was started only 2 years ago.

As far as taste goes, 5 gets two thumbs up… the flavor does really last quite awhile and I’m glad to make this engineer’s acquaintance. He promised to take me on a tour of Wrigley’s facility in Chicago’s Goose Island area… it’s in a building, I think, that Mayor Daley, has tried to support as a bastion of technology and innovation.


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