The New Safeties – New York Times

Link: The New Safeties – New York Times.

People often wonder if I ever sleep and the answer is not very much AND I’ve learned to work more efficiently over the years. As I’ve mentioned many times in this blog, RSS has changed my life (thank you ADE Mark from OK), and one cool thing I’ve done is saved Google searches as RSS feeds so that any new results appear in my newsreader.

One of those saved searches is for my now former place of employment, The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Today, I noticed two new feeds. One from a San Diego paper quoting Barack Obama as sending his kids to Lab "because he taught there and the school was close." Nice writing… Barack taught at the University’s law school, not Lab, but that’s not my point. The second article that popped up was from the New York Times, quoting my former colleague and friend, Will Dix, who is a college counselor at Lab. He’s a great guy and blogs sporadically (see my blogroll). While he doesn’t write often, his entries are thoughtful and worth reading. So, here’s a shoutout to Will and his NYT quote.

Hopefully, I’ll get back in the blogging mode as I gear up for the beginning of a new school year; I know I’ve been lax this summer! If you actually take a look at my blog page, I’ve edited some of my widgets. It’s looking a little cluttered, so I got rid of a few things I just am not using. I should probably think about moving to a more sophisticated blogging platform, but I think project will need to wait until next summer.

Oh.. and a side note, I turned on Skype for the first time in eons, and my friend, Drew, from college who now lives in Budapest pinged me. It occurred to me in that in the last few weeks, I’ve chatted via text with people in Australia, Singapore, Belgium, and Hungary in addition to people across the U.S. 20 years ago (yikes!) when I was in college this simply was not possible, and knowing that I have lame letter writing inclinations, I know that I did lose touch with many friends. It’s now possible to resurrect these friendships, thanks to the internet. As trite this sounds, I still in awe of how this technology has changed my life. Enough rambling for now…


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