Apple Learning Interchange 2007 – Field Trip 2.0

Link: Apple Learning Interchange 2007 – Field Trip 2.0.

Here’s the team project I worked on this summer as part of the 2007 ADE Summer Institute. It was really an enjoyable experience working with a fun team of people who produced and followed through on our plans. Make sure you check out the various movies and such that were created by my teammates. The great thing about the Apple Learning Interchange is that you can add such media directly to your iTunes library with a click of a button located in the right hand column of the page.

Speaking of plans, we are plannng adding content to this site as the year rolls along. In fact, I went on my first field trip at my new school two weeks ago, and need to do something with the material I collected. I also am planning on holding a videoconference on fieldtrips as some point so that educators can discuss interesting field trips and resources. 

Please take a minute to review our content. Leave a comment or two and rate our project!


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