Professional Development Community Ning

Link: Professional Development Community Ning.

Last fall, I started a ning group for people within my organization. It’s a pretty new tool to many of my colleagues, and I’m guessing that the potential power of an online community hasn’t been made obvious to them yet. I decided to open this up to anyone because I think Nings are really successful when membership is large; it tends to drive the activity as you can see from Steve Hargadon’s Classroom 2.0 group. He’s recruited over 5000 members in less than year!

So… please come join us as we explore professional development issues. This ning is not intended to be a solely ed tech oriented group, but I am guessing that a great deal of conversation will focus on that. While I’d love to have more urban and/or charter school members, too, this group is open to anyone because we all can learn from each other. We all still have the same end goals, I think l: to provide the best possible education for our students and to explore education innovation regardless of circumstances.

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