Charter School Connections | Google Groups

Link: Charter School Connections | Google Groups.

I could have started another ning… but I thought I’d start with a good old-fashioned listserv!

I’m starting an unofficial and informal listserv for people interestedin or working in charter schools across the country. The inspiration for this is the wonderful ISED listserv (,
which has provided a great deal of guidance and support to me while working in independent schools. However, I am now working in the charter school world! I still refer to
ISED-L, but I personally am looking to connect with others who are working specifically in charter schools.

The purpose of this list is to facilitate conversation and the sharing of resources. While my area of specialization is educational technology, this list is not limited to just tech talk. Teachers and administrators can post questions, job opportunities, grant writing tips, project collaboration opportunities etc. Let’s share how we are all re-inventing the education wheel, so to speak!

Please pass this along to any you know who might be interested. I would
really appreciate your help in growing this online community!


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  1. I think I’ve signed in. If not, send me a “durh you’re dumb–do it this way” email and I’ll be right there! 😉

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