Teacher Book Wizard Widget

Scholastic always has tons of well designed materials for kids, parents, and teachers. Tonight, I was browsing their site and noticed their new Teacher Book Wizard and its accompanying widget (embedded below). I used my Twit This bookmarklet to share this find with my Twitter friends, and one reported that when she embedded this widget in her ning, Google Ads appeared. So, now I’m trying it out here…I’m thinking that this service is going to be handy for our literacy coaches.Too bad Amazon doesn’t have tools like this for teachers! I also noticed that Scholastic has RSS feeds so that one can keep up with their latest articles, lesson plans, and podcasts. I’m thinking a lot of education web sites need to up date… Education World do you hear me?


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  1. I have used this book wizard to level books in my classroom library and to make lists of on level books to give to my parents at conference time. They like the idea of having books, on subjects that appeal to their kids, that they can find in the library or book stores.

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