Google Presentation for River Forest Teachers

I have a standard Google For Education presentation that I customize for individual audiences. WIth each version, I’ve added photos particular to the region where I’m presenting.  With this one, I’ve eliminated slides on Calendar, Blogger and iGoogle as I generally try to cover too much territory. This time I stuck with the apps that I think have the most significant implications for teaching. The idea here is for me to explain the various tools and initiatives available, and let teachers think of the pedagogical possibilities. They are the experts in their own classrooms; I think they have the imaginations to make the connections. Enjoy!


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One response to “Google Presentation for River Forest Teachers

  1. Hi, Lucy,
    I want to thank you for posting the Google Presentation for River Forest Teachers on your blog! This presentation is so well done that I am sharing it as an exemplar with the Education Technologists and Information Specialists in our network of military schools throughout GA and AL.
    I often think we could take a giant leap toward 21st century schools if we simply adopted the Google tools! You do a superlative job making Google look good – and the journey exciting! I appreciate you, as always!

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